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Frequently Asked Questions

How long has AOP been in existence?

The AOP network was established in 2005.

What are the benefits of being an AOP network member?

  • Increased Sales – by being listed as our agent in your market(s), our members will contact you for quotations for any business they have in the region.
  • Financial Protection on member to member invoices against defaults/bankruptcies.
  • Annual conferences in rotating locations with 1to1 meetings.
  • Shipment Obligation – All agents are required to feed shipments into the network. This is monitored by our administration team.
  • Online Invoice Monitoring System – We have developed a system which automatically follows up with the settlement of your invoices according to our network payment terms and conditions.
  • Dispute Settlement – If there is a dispute between two agents, our team will review the case on both ends and come to a non-biased conclusion on how to proceed.
  • Selection Process – Our agents have been hand selected through our intensive travelling agenda which involves our team traveling over 200 days a year. This assures quality service and good rates.

Why choose AOP over other networks?

There are many new networks coming to the market which do not have the experience or financial backing to support a multi-national network of freight forwarding agents. Our network is focused on quality not quantity. Through our limitation on agents per region and shipment obligation policy, our members will not only bring business to the network agents but will also receive an appropriate amount of business in return. This allows for a strong network of giving and receiving. Through our traveling agenda, we recruit our members through personal visits to their office. During this meeting, we assess which advantages the agent can bring to our group (services, rates, locations). Through this selection process, we can assure high quality, good rates and on time paying members.

Is there a limitation on the number of agents per region?

Yes, most regions are limited to 2 agents per region. In larger markets, there may be 3 agents per region.

How much is the annual membership fee?

The annual membership fee is 2,000 Euro when registering one office. If you are interested in registering more than one office please contact our staff for assistance.

What are the advantages of registering more than one office?

By enlisting multiple branches, your company will increase sales by drawing awareness to each individual branch. The branch offices will be covered by the financial protection fund. Only those offices which are listed under our member’s list are covered by the fund. Our agents prefer to work with protected branches to assure they can retrieve their funds in case of bankruptcy.

Are there any additional charges involved with the membership?

When joining, your company will have to deposit a 500 Euro deposit into our financial protection fund per branch office. This deposit is refundable and is used according to the terms and conditions of the fund. The terms and conditions can be found by clicking here.

The annual conference fee is charged separate from the annual membership. The price of the annual conference fee is dependent on the location of the conference, hotel prices, leisure day activities, currency and a variety of other factors. This will be announced roughly 6 months before the conference once registration opens for the event.

How do I join?

Please fill out the online registration form which can be found by clicking here. Once submitted, our admissions team will contact you for additional information.

What does the annual conference fee include?

The annual conference fee is created as a package to include:
  • Conference administration fee
  • Hotel Accommodation based on single and double rooms
  • Breakfast
  • Lunch
  • Transport
  • Leisure day activity charges and transport
  • Gala Dinner
  • Welcome Reception

What is an associated member?

An associated member is a service provider who would like to directly advertise to our members. Through their affiliation, they will receive marketing opportunities to develop their brand amongst our agents.

What is the best way to be a successful network agent?

The most important thing to remember when becoming our network agent is that you are committing to be an active part of a network which is based on quality and reliability. As an active member, your company should:
  1. Bring as many shipments as they can into the network. This does not mean change your business structure if you are happy with an agent but if you have a new market or unhappy with a current agent, please try an AOP network partner.
  2. Attend the annual conference. Through face to face contact, you will be able to build relationships and make friends. This is much different than writing emails or talking on the phone. By attending, you will be able to leave a lasting impression on our members and they will contact you for any business they have in your region.
  3. Send us any news your company may have. This is an additional way to advertise your company. Our newsletter is distributed to all network members as well as a large database of subscribers.
  4. Provide quick and reliable service with good rates.

What is the Gross+Fuchs Group of Companies?

The GF group of companies is a mother company which includes a forwarding company in Munich Germany, four independently operated networks and a marketing company. This is a brand which is used to represent all of the companies.

If I become a member of AOP can I do business with the members of the other 3 networks under the GF Group?

No, each network is run individually. Business done with other network members is not encouraged. If you are to do business with another network agent, your invoices will not be covered by the financial protection fund. This is done in order to promote a small group of quality agents which do a lot of business between each other with a small amount of competition. Each network conference is held individually to discourage this type of action.

Do you have additional questions? Please contact us directly, or via telephone at +49 (0)89 9788 0813.
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